Course Description

Online Virtual Summit Master Class Everything you need to know to create your first successful Virtual Summit 

Want to know what you need to create a successful virtual summit or online conference?
Curious about what kind of software to use?                                                      
Confused about how to generate revenue with your summit?
Need clarity on how to structure your summit - where to find speakers? or what topics to cover?
Want the insights on the most efficient ways to promote or market your virtual summit?

When I launched my first  Virtual Summit, I knew what I wanted to accomplish, but I wasn’t sure how to go about it. I asked many questions, did a lot of research, talked to a lot of people. I took what made sense to me and created my own system.

Now I run virtual summits regularly, because I am able to run them efficiently and effectively. So I decided to create this course to help answer any question you have about creating your first virtual summit.
It doesn’t have to be stressful, it doesn’t have to be hard. As a matter of fact, your virtual summit can be a lot of fun. At least I hope you will have fun with it, as much as I do.

You will also get all of the templates in a raw unformatted version, so you can use your own creativity and create your own branded documents.

Jessie Bowen

Martial Artists , Author, Publisher, Certified Business & Life Success Coach

Jessie Bowen Author, Publisher, Certified Life & Business Coach, Motivational Coach, and Sports Mind Coach. Meet Your Success Coach Meet Your Success Coach Jessie Bowen, author and publisher for Elite Publications. Jessie has spent over 30 years in the coaching, speaking, and publishing business, with over 20 books to his credit. He holds degrees in business management, Silva Method Lecturer, Life Success Coach, Sports Performance Coach, Motivational Expert, sports hypnosis, martial arts, and martial science. He is a corporate educator for Duke Corporate Education, rated the #1 custom corporate training in the world, providing breakthrough knowledge to support corporate teams, helping them make their breakthrough. As an educator, he has been on the Duke University Physical Education staff for over 28 years, influencing thousands of students in the study of martial arts and mindfulness training. Jessie has been inducted into a number of martial arts halls of fame for his contributions to the martial arts, including the 2020 Action Martial Arts Hall of Honors Excellence in Publishing Award, the 2021 Take Center Stage Author Award, the 2021 International Author Impact Award, and the AFKA Hall of Fame Martial Arts Leader of the Year Award. He has published over 18 books on martial arts and personal development training, including the 2015, 2016, and 2017 Who's Who in the Martial Arts Biography Book Series. In 2018, he launched a new series, the Martial Arts Masters and Pioneers Biography Book Edition. Other books to his credit are Unstoppable Confidence, Change Your Mind, Change Your Life Success Guide, Get Motivated - the Key to Success, and the Law of Attraction. Your Through Determines Your Destiny, Zen Mind-Body Meditation System, and others. His goal in life is to help people transform their current lives into the future of their dreams. As a lecturer and success coach, Jessie can help you connect to a system that is able to teach you the secrets of controlling your mind, rising above reality, and seizing your inner potential for solving problems, achieving your goals, and relieving stress.

Course curriculum

  • 1

    Instructions for this template

    • Overview-The-Online-Summit-Method

    • What-Is-An-Online-Summit

    • An Online Summit Can Benefit You As An Entrepreneur

    • An-Online-Summit-Can-Benefit-You-As-An-Entrepeneur-When

    • OTS-The-Most-Important-Factor-Your-List

    • Small-Business-Summit-Best-Practice-Strategy

    • Online-Business-Best-Practice-Strategy-Explained

    • Finding-Your-Audience

    • Finding Your Presenters

    • Automation

    • Your-Summit-Venue

    • Outsourcing-During-Your-Summit

    • Monetization

    • Online Summit Planner Worksheet

    • Summit Speaker Release Form

    • Summit Speaker Application Form

    • Online Summit Sales Page

    • Online Summit Planner Worksheet

    • Copy of Scheduling Spreadsheet

    • Checklist - Organizing Your Live Summit

    • Summit Speaker Application Form

    • Checklist - Organizing Your Live Summit

  • 2

    Event Organizing

    • Planning Your Event

    • How To Plan Your Behind-The-Scenes Logistics

    • How To Pitch Your Event

    • How To Sell Seats To Your Event

    • How To Attract Sponsors

    • 06 How To Turn Your Event Fun And Profitable