Course Description

Grandmaster Jessie Bowen's Online Karate Physical Education Program

Karate International specializes in adult fitness, kids martial arts, self-defense, and Aikido, offering outstanding instruction and training for men, women, and children.

This program is approved by the American Martial Arts Alliance and taught at Duke University as a physical education course for over 27 years under the direction of Grandmaster Jessie Bowen 10th degree black belt and founder of the Aiki-Shinkai Karate System. Karate International of Durham offers age and program specific curriculum.

That means we offer classes to anyone serious about martial arts and fitness training from 4 years of age and above. And for every age group and skill level - there's a class just right for you. However, to become part of our martial arts program requires no experience – only the will to learn and the patience to excel.

The professional instructors at Karate International are led by Grandmaster Jessie Bowen, a 10th Degree Black Belt with over 40 years of martial arts excellence, who has produced over 400 black belts. He is a certified Life Success Coach, holding degrees in Business Management, Sports Hypnosis, NLP, and Martial Science. He will work with you and your family to ensure a safe and satisfying time at our Academy.

As an educator, he has been on the Duke University Physical Education staff for over 28 years, influencing thousands of students in mind body training. Grand Master Bowen is a Corporate Educator for Duke Corporate Education, ranked the world's #1 provider of Custom Executive Education by the Financial Times. His empowerment course "The Karate Experience - Breaking Through Barriers" is offered nationally and internationally for executive team building.

This introductory martial arts course is for ages 4 and above. The course teaches fundamentals of martial arts training as well as principles, philosophies, and formalities. This course contains videos which teach each of these principles as well as classes in which the student will learn their practical application. Also included are videos which demonstrate how the technique is done in a real life application. You will learn fundamentals of self defense, proper body motion and alignment, and more.

Your child will learn the fundamentals of martial arts, philosophy, protocols, self defense, and anti-bullying. Once they have past their rank requirements they will receive a certificate of promotion signed by Grandmaster Bowen.

What are the requirements?

White Belt Though Gold Belt

White Belt Supplies

  • Uniform & Patches
  • Home Study Course and Manual

White Belt - Ninja Curriculum ( Age 4-7)

  • Earn Belt Learn Student Creed - !st Tip
  • Basic Technique Backfist, Revere punch, and Front Kick - 2nd Tip
  • Belt Tieing - 3rd Tip
  • Rank Graduation & Certification (Belt Test)

White Belt - Advance Ninja Curriculum ( Age 4-7)

White Belt - Dragon Curriculum ( Age 4-7)

White Belt - Superstar Curriculum ( Age 4-7)

White Belt - Gold Belt Curriculum ( Age 4-7)

What am I going to get from this course?

  • This is a beginning level course. No prior knowledge is necessary
  • Over 15 training sessions and 20-45 minutes each!
  • This course is for understand the fundamentals of martial arts
  • By the end of the course you will be able to understand body dynamics, martial arts basics, focus, mindfulness training and principles of self-defense.
  • By the end of the course you will understand the body mechanics of creating power, and principles of ki.
  • You will develop, self-discipline, balance and coordination
  • This course is for developing the be able to defend yourselves
  • This course is for parents who want to bully proof their children

Karate International is committed to providing the highest quality training available. We believe that all of our programs should be serious but fun at the same time. We want our students to feel comfortable in class and to really get the most out of their time spent here. We take pride in offering a positive learning environment where individuals of all ages can benefit no matter their abilities.

So, if you're looking to get yourself back into shape, master self-defense, and take your body and mind to the next level -then the staff at Karate International will be more than happy to help you reach your goals and beyond.

Grandmaster Bowen's Other Accomplishments:

  • Author of the  Who's Who in the Martial Arts & Martial Arts Masters & Pioneers Biography Book
  • 2020 and 2018 Action Martial arts Martial Arts Excellent in Martial arts Publishing
  •  2015 AFKA Hall of Fame Hall of Fame Induction Silver Lifetime Achievement Award
  • Action Martial Arts Magazine Hall of Fame as the 2014 Ambassador of Goodwill to the Martial Arts
  • Member Solution Financial Services Top Achiever Award
  • NRC Business Man of the Year
  • American Martial Arts Association Hall of Fame Leadership Award
  • Established Mastermind-Sports Performance Virtual Coaching Service
  • American Martial Arts Alliance Sport Karate Tournament Promoter of the Year
  • Action Martial Arts Magazine Martial Arts Instructor of the Year
  • Certified Sports Hypnotist
  • Certified Silva Method Lecture Developer Trainer
  • Certified Silva Method Lecturer
  • American Martial Arts Freestyle Golden Lifetime Achievement Award
  • American Martial Arts Association Hall of Fame Man of the Year Award
  • National Business Advisory Business Man of the Year
  • Recipient of Super Star Black Belt Hall of Fame Living Legend Award 2003
  • 2002 World Cup, Karate World Champion
  • Black Belt Super Star Hall of Fame, WHO'S WHO in the Martial Arts Award
  • Universal Martial Arts Hall of Fame inductee as Outstanding Grand Master of the Year
  • United States Karate Hall of Fame inductee as Most Distinguished Grand Master of the Year
  • World Karate Union Hall of Fame inductee as Grand Master of the Year
  • United States Karate Hall of Fame inductee as Grand Master of the Year
  • Sport Karate Tournament Promoter of the Year
  • Sports Coordinator for the US Olympic Committee and North Carolina Amateur Sports for the US Olympic Festival, Tae Kwon Do competition in 1987
  • Sports Coordinator for North Carolina Amateur Sports in Karate and Bowling
  • Professional Bowler - PBA Tour Member
  • USBC Bowling Coach
  • Bowling Instructor Duke University
  • Director of the nationally ranked Durham Karate Open tournament since 1981

Jessie Bowen

Martial Artists , Author, Publisher, Certified Business & Life Success Coach

Jessie Bowen Author, Publisher, Certified Life & Business Coach, Motivational Coach, and Sports Mind Coach. Meet Your Success Coach Meet Your Success Coach Jessie Bowen, author and publisher for Elite Publications. Jessie has spent over 30 years in the coaching, speaking, and publishing business, with over 20 books to his credit. He holds degrees in business management, Silva Method Lecturer, Life Success Coach, Sports Performance Coach, Motivational Expert, sports hypnosis, martial arts, and martial science. He is a corporate educator for Duke Corporate Education, rated the #1 custom corporate training in the world, providing breakthrough knowledge to support corporate teams, helping them make their breakthrough. As an educator, he has been on the Duke University Physical Education staff for over 28 years, influencing thousands of students in the study of martial arts and mindfulness training. Jessie has been inducted into a number of martial arts halls of fame for his contributions to the martial arts, including the 2020 Action Martial Arts Hall of Honors Excellence in Publishing Award, the 2021 Take Center Stage Author Award, the 2021 International Author Impact Award, and the AFKA Hall of Fame Martial Arts Leader of the Year Award. He has published over 18 books on martial arts and personal development training, including the 2015, 2016, and 2017 Who's Who in the Martial Arts Biography Book Series. In 2018, he launched a new series, the Martial Arts Masters and Pioneers Biography Book Edition. Other books to his credit are Unstoppable Confidence, Change Your Mind, Change Your Life Success Guide, Get Motivated - the Key to Success, and the Law of Attraction. Your Through Determines Your Destiny, Zen Mind-Body Meditation System, and others. His goal in life is to help people transform their current lives into the future of their dreams. As a lecturer and success coach, Jessie can help you connect to a system that is able to teach you the secrets of controlling your mind, rising above reality, and seizing your inner potential for solving problems, achieving your goals, and relieving stress.

Course curriculum

  • 1

    Aiki-Shinkai Karate White Belt Training Material

    • KI White Belt Manual - Ch 01 Intro & Uniform

    • Aiki-Shinkai White Belt Training Manual

    • Aiki-Shinkai Karate White Belt Training Info

    • Aiki-Shinkai Karate Audio Book

  • 2

    KI White Belt Training - Stretching & Meditation

    • White Belt Training - Ch 02 Stretching & Meditation

  • 3

    Mindfulness Meditation Course

    • 01-Zen Mind-Body Mindfulness Lesson

    • 02-Preparing for Meditation Training

    • ​03 Mindfulness Meditate Exercise

  • 4

    KI White Belt Training - Positions

    • KI White Belt Manual - Ch 03 Positions

    • KI White Belt Manual - Ch 04 Back Fist & Reverse Punch

    • KI White Belt Manual - Ch 05 Stances

  • 5

    KI White Belt Training - Basics

    • KI White Belt Manual - Ch 06 Front Snap Kick

    • KI White Belt Manual - Ch 07 Fore Fist Punch

    • KI White Belt Manual - Ch 08 Blocks

    • KI White Belt Manual - Ch 09 Knife Hand Strikes

  • 6

    KI White Belt Training - Self Defense Combinations

    • KI White Belt Manual - Ch 10 Combinations 1-4

  • 7

    KI White Belt Training - Wheel and Side Kicks

    • KI White Belt Manual - Ch 11 Lead Leg Wheel Kick

    • KI White Belt Manual - Ch 12 Defensive Side Kick

  • 8

    KI White Belt Manual - Conclusions

    • KI White Belt Manual - Ch 13 Conclusions