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A Guide to Empowerment Visualization for Life Success Visualization

Visualize your goals and manifest success―a scientific approach. Our brains are supercomputers that are specially designed to help us to accomplish our goals and to survive in the world.

It is constantly processing the information surrounding us and the things and people that we encounter on a day to day basis.

By harnessing the power of our minds and learning how to tap into it so that we can start controlling the results, we take ourselves that much closer to living the life we most want to live.

In this guide, you will learn how and why visualization can turn our goals into our realities.

Topics covered:

  • You will learn how to control the results of your life
  • You will learn how to live the life you most want to live
  • You will learn why visualization can turn our goals into our realities
  • You will learn how to unlock your subconscious mind and tap into your own powers through visualization
  • You will be able to accomplish your goals and to survive in the world

Visualization relies on the concept of the Law of Attraction.

The Law of Attraction states that whatever our mind is focusing on is what we are most likely to attract into our own lives.

The basic principle is that the things we think will eventually begin to shape our reality.

So if we are fixated on the negative, we will attract more negative. But if we Focus on the life that we most want to live, then that is what we will attract to ourselves.

And that is always the most productive thing we can do!

Topics covered:

  • What Is Visualization And How Can It Benefit Our Lives
  • How Does Visualization Work
  • Examples Of Effective Visualization Throughout History
  • Preparing Yourself For Effective Visualization
  • The Vision Board Technique
  • Utilizing Affirmations To Achieve Visualization Results
  • Writing Down Your Goals For Effective Visualization
  • Visualize Getting The Results You Want Most
  • Inserting Yourself Into Pictures Of The Life You Want
  • Bonus: Harness the Power of the Mind Dynamic Meditation Course
Jessie Bowen

Jessie Bowen

Martial Artists , Author, Publisher, Certified Business & Life Success Coach

Jessie Bowen

Author, Publisher, Certified Life & Business Coach, Motivational Coach, and Sports Mind Coach

Meet Your Success Coach

Meet Your Success Coach

Jessie Bowen, author, and publisher for Elite Publications. Jessie has spent over 30 years in the coaching, speaking, and publishing business with over 20 books to his credit. He holds degrees in business management, Silva Method Lecturer, Life Success Coach, Sports Performance Coach, Motivational Expert, sports hypnosis, martial arts, and martial science.

He is a corporate educator for Duke Corporate Education, rated as the #1 custom corporate training program globally, providing breakthrough knowledge supporting corporate teams helping them make their breakthrough. As an educator, he was on the Duke University Physical Education staff for over 28 years, influencing thousands of students to study martial arts and mindfulness training. Jessie is a former martial arts coach for the University of North Carolina Chapel Hill football program.

He has consulted with various collegiate bowling teams such as North Carolina Central University, Belmont Abbey College, and others as a USBC bowling instructor and PBA Bowling Professional Tour Member. For over 15 years, Jessie was the bowling coach for the Duke University Physical Education Bowling Program and author of the Zen Bowling System.

Jessie has been inducted to numerous martial arts hall of fames for his contributions to the martial arts including the 2020 Action Martial Arts Hall of Honors Excellence in Publishing Award and AFKA Hall of Fame Martial Arts Leader of the Year Award. He has published over 20 books on martial arts and personal development training, including 2015, 2016, and 2017 Who's Who in the Martial arts Biography Book Series. In 2018 he launched a new series the Martial arts Masters & Pioneers Biography Book Edition. Other books to his credit are Unstoppable Confidence, Change Your Mind, Change Your Life Success Guide, Get Motivated - the Key to Success, Law of Attraction Your Thoughts Control Your Destiny, Zen Mind-Body Meditation System - Meditation for Everyday Living, and others.

His goal in life is to help people transform their current life into the future of their dreams.

As a lecturer and success coach, Jessie can help you connect to a system that can teach you the secrets of controlling your mind, rising above reality and seizing your inner potential for solving problems, achieving your goals, and relieving stress.

 to learn more about Elite Publications visit their website, Schedule a free Consulting session and learn how you can become a successful published author.

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