Fitness Kickboxing Certification

Become A Certified Kicboxing Instructor | taught by Jessie Bowen

Course description

The AMAA Fitness Kickboxing Certification Program is designed to equip those seeking to become kickboxing instructors with the competencies needed to design safe and effective programming. Elite Fitness Kickboxing and Core Fitness is based on various forms of martial arts, this class will teach you the basics of kicking and punching. While incorporating athletic based drills and core strengthening exercises, this class will get you on your way to a leaner body and healthier state of mind.

The program was developed by Jessie Bowen 10th degree black belt, USA World Cup karate Champion, sports mind game coach and sports psychology coach. He taught fitness kickboxing at Duke University for over 20 years perfecting a 12 week course the provides fitness training, mindfulness coaching, and self defense principles all in one course.

Jessie Bowen
Jessie Bowen
Martial arts , Life and Business Coach

Jessie Bowen

Martial Arts  Instructor, Certified Life & Business Coach, Motivational Coach and Sports Mind Coach

Meet Your Success Coach

Jessie Bowen is a martial arts 10th Degree Black Belt, former Silva Method Lecturer, Life Success Coach, Sports Performance Coach Motivational Expert, and author of the Zen Mind-Body System. He holds degrees in business management, sports hypnosis, and martial science. As an educator, he has been on the Duke University Physical Education staff for over 20 years, influencing thousands of students in mind-body training and Coach of the Duke University Tae Kwon Do Collegiate Team

.Jessie is also a corporate educator  for Duke Corporate Education rated the #1 custom coaching firm in the world. He provides the break through knowledge supporting corporate teams make their break through.Jessie has been inducted to numinous martial arts hall of fames including the 2019 Action Martial arts Magazine Hall of Honors  as Martial arts Organization of the Year for his contribution to the martial arts

He is also the Executive Director and owner of USA Workshops, President of the American Martial Arts Alliance, Elite Publications located in Durham North Carolina. As a martial artist he has invested over 40 years studying the principles and integrating them into like success.

He provides the break through knowledge supporting corporate teams to make their break through.

Jessie has been inducted to numinous martial arts hall of fame's for his contribution to the martial arts. He has published over 18 books on martial arts and personal development training, including the 2015, 2016, 2017, and 2018 Who's Who in the Martial Arts Autobiography Book, 2018 Martial arts Masters & Pioneers Autobiography Book  Unstoppable Confidence, Change Your Mind, Change Your Life Success Guide, Get Motivated - the Key to Success, Zen Mind-Body Meditation System - Meditation for Everyday Living, and others.

His goal in life is to help people transform their current life into the future of their dreams. 

As a lecturer and success coach, Jessie can help you connect to a system which is able to teach you the secrets of controlling your mind, rising above reality and seizing your inner potential for solving problems, achieving your goals, and relieving stress.

Jessie Bowen