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Standing on the Shoulders of Greatness. | taught by Jessie Bowen
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Standing on the Shoulders of Greatness This is Jesse Bowen; author of the AMAA WHO'S WHO in the Martial Arts. I want to share with you a new marketing platform that we have developed for our alumni that are featured in the AMAA WHO'S WHO in the Martial Arts.

Before we get into marketing, let's start by discussing the purpose of the AMAA WHO'S WHO in the Martial Arts book. The book is concise biographical information about our martial arts legends, pioneers, masters, and today's black belts. It is being referred to as today's martial arts history book, a positive tool for telling your story while sharing your martial arts journey.

Many great martial artists have lost the opportunity to share their life story. Your stories help bring to life the real-world value of the martial arts. Telling your martial arts story also plays a big role in helping us drive the focus on the benefits offered through martial arts training and encourages newcomers to become martial artists and connect to our world.

The American Martial Arts Alliance wants the world to know about yesterday's martial arts and the role it is playing today. By sharing your story through the AMAA WHO'S WHO in the Martial Arts autobiography publication, you are paving the way for the future martial artist.

Unlike many award martial arts organizations, our focus is on creating a value, not only for our organization but also for the people that are published in the AMAA WHO'S WHO in the Martial Arts.

This new platform provides just that: a way for your story to be told, not to just one person, but to the world, giving your students an opportunity to know your life story and your purpose. I want you to utilize this program to help you grow your martial arts business, enhance you as a public speaker, and become recognized as an expert in your community.

Jessie Bowen
Jessie Bowen

Jessie Bowen
Executive Director

In 2005, The American Martial Arts Alliance, LLC was established by Grandmaster Jessie Bowen former regional director for the American Martial Arts Association, 10th-degree black belt, author, motivational speaker, and life success coach. Grandmaster Bowen has been a student in the martial arts for over 40 years, touching the lives of thousands of martial artists.

Grandmaster Bowen is an expert in life success, sports performance training, and international business coaching. He is a corporate educator for Duke Corporate Education and trains executives how to break through barriers to achieve their next level of success. He is the President and Owner of Karate International of Durham, Inc. and Elite Corporate Coaching.

He opened his martial arts school in 1980 in Durham, NC, running a successful school with hundreds of students under his leadership. Hosting one of the longest running martial arts tournaments in North Carolina, the Durham Karate Open, established in 1979, Grandmaster Bowen is the former coach of the Duke University Taekwondo Team, former martial arts coach for the University of North Carolina of Chapel Hill football team, former sports coordinator for the NCAS and the USOC Olympic Festival, inducted into numerous martial arts halls of fame for his martial arts achievements including the Action Martial Arts Magazine Hall of Honors 2018 Contribution in Publishing Award, for the 2018 Who's Who in the Martial Arts Book.

As an educator, he has been on the Duke University Physical Education staff for over 20 years, influencing thousands of students in mind-body training. Hanshi Bowen is also a professional bowler (PBA Member) and bowling instructor of physical education at Duke University. He has published over 10 books on personal development training, including the 2015, 2016, and 2017, Who's Who in the Martial Arts Autobiography Book, 2018 Martial arts Masters & Pioneers Autobiography Book  Unstoppable Confidence, Change Your Mind, Change Your Life Success Guide, Get Motivated - the Key to Success, Zen Mind-Body Meditation System - Meditation for Everyday Living, and others.

Jessie Bowen