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AMAA Publicity and Press Release Templates

The goal of this course presented by the American Martial Arts Alliance for the purpose of helping martial arts school owners gain the recognition they deserve through their community service effort, personal, and business achievements. By taking this course you will be better prepared to draw positive attention to your school/business

Publicity is the notice or attention that the media gives you. Today, the media covers multiple channels. From television to Twitter, the media can talk about you and share your story.  

Publicity, press, and public relations are somewhat synonymous. They are all approaches to getting media coverage and creating a buzz about your school or business, within your target market. They are also often overlooked by small and medium-sized school/businesses, who feel the marketing tactic is only beneficial to big business.   The truth is that one of the ways that big schools/businesses become successful is because when they were smaller, they leveraged all the marketing tactics available to them including publicity.  

Is Publicity Just Another Word for a Press Release?

No, publicity is not the same thing as a press release. A press release is a tool that you can use to get publicity. However, there are other ways to get publicity as well. For example, a video can go viral and get publicity for your school/company. You might take a controversial stance on an issue in your industry and get media attention and publicity that way. That being said, when coupled with a strong content marketing strategy, a press release is one of the best ways to get publicity.

Jessie Bowen

Martial Artists , Author, Publisher, Certified Business & Life Success Coach

Jessie Bowen Author, Publisher, Certified Life & Business Coach, Motivational Coach, and Sports Mind Coach. Meet Your Success Coach Meet Your Success Coach Jessie Bowen, author and publisher for Elite Publications. Jessie has spent over 30 years in the coaching, speaking, and publishing business, with over 20 books to his credit. He holds degrees in business management, Silva Method Lecturer, Life Success Coach, Sports Performance Coach, Motivational Expert, sports hypnosis, martial arts, and martial science. He is a corporate educator for Duke Corporate Education, rated the #1 custom corporate training in the world, providing breakthrough knowledge to support corporate teams, helping them make their breakthrough. As an educator, he has been on the Duke University Physical Education staff for over 28 years, influencing thousands of students in the study of martial arts and mindfulness training. Jessie has been inducted into a number of martial arts halls of fame for his contributions to the martial arts, including the 2020 Action Martial Arts Hall of Honors Excellence in Publishing Award, the 2021 Take Center Stage Author Award, the 2021 International Author Impact Award, and the AFKA Hall of Fame Martial Arts Leader of the Year Award. He has published over 18 books on martial arts and personal development training, including the 2015, 2016, and 2017 Who's Who in the Martial Arts Biography Book Series. In 2018, he launched a new series, the Martial Arts Masters and Pioneers Biography Book Edition. Other books to his credit are Unstoppable Confidence, Change Your Mind, Change Your Life Success Guide, Get Motivated - the Key to Success, and the Law of Attraction. Your Through Determines Your Destiny, Zen Mind-Body Meditation System, and others. His goal in life is to help people transform their current lives into the future of their dreams. As a lecturer and success coach, Jessie can help you connect to a system that is able to teach you the secrets of controlling your mind, rising above reality, and seizing your inner potential for solving problems, achieving your goals, and relieving stress.

Course curriculum

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    Welcome to the AMAA Press and Media Training Writing - Your Press Release

    • Learn more About the Product

    • A Note From The Author

    • Before You Begin

    • Start with the end in mind

    • Why is Publicity Better for My School?

    • Creating Your Media Kit – A Template

    • 50 Reasons to Send a Press Release

    • Press Release Brainstorming Sheet

    • Press Release Instructions & Tips

    • After the Interview Checklist:

    • 50 Smart Ideas for Getting Publicity

    • Press Release Distribution Tracking Spreadsheet

    • Preparing for an Interview Checklist

    • Press Release Distribution Checklist:

    • Basic Press Release Template

    • Thank You Letter Sample

    • Thank You Letter Template

    • After the Interview Checklist:

    • There is no better marketing tool than publicity.

    • How to Write an Press Release Video with 6 Steps for a Successful Launch

    • Product Update Press Release Template

    • New Book Announcement Press Release Template

    • New Hire Press Release Template

    • Product Update Press Release Template

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    More resources for you

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    • Contest Giveaway Press Release

    • Fundraiser Press Release Template

    • New Product Announcement Press Release

    • 9 Reasons Why You Should Send a Cover Letter with Every Press Release

    • 5 Steps to Jumpstart Your Social Media Strategy

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